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"Research has shown that during typical business interactions customers reveal only 20% of what is on their minds... It is your responsibility to get to the other 80%." 

~ Paul Cherry, Questions that Sell

The number one reason your business may not be increasing or expanding as you would like is because you are not communicating effectively with your target markets.

Wouldn’t it be great to tap into the untapped potential that could drive real growth in your business?

In order to go beyond wherever you are at right now in your business, you have to improve your communication and message if you’re going to grow in a competitive market where businesses are competing for fewer customers while at the same time increasing revenues!

In October 2015, IBM released a study, as did the 2015 Web Usability Report, and their research determined that:

90% of small businesses and marketers believed they were doing a great job at addressing the needs of their audiences

80% of consumers said that businesses were in no way relevant to their needs, wants, problems or desires.

50% of website visitors left a website immediately due to a lack of a message that was relevant.

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Sales?

Communication and messaging is at the very heart of your business' marketing, but it is also one of the most neglected areas of a small business.

If you really want to learn how to improve your communications, leverage a strong message for your business and improve your marketing and sales success - this webinar is for you!

I will show you:

  • The power of the formula: Clarity + Focus = Execution
  • Why so many businesses (both offline and online) are struggling online and give you practical ideas that you can implement immediately to help your business.
  • Why your prospects are frustrated by businesses who aren’t giving them a reason to buy.
  • Why many businesses are wasting their investment in marketing online and throwing money down the toilet; and what you can do to capitalize on the power of the internet.
  • How to attract an audience instead of repel them.
  • Why marketing is not about you and selling and how to build competency, credibility and trust.
  • How to Take what You Learn And Apply it.



  • The common problems businesses experience online and why.
  • How to message our business with passion and become an attraction magnetic by solving one problem, meeting one need or fulfilling one desire.
  • How to resonate and connect with you audience in a way that inspires them to buy you over your competition.
  • Customer mindset Psychology and what they really want from you.
  • 5 questions that will change your business forever.


If you Attend You Will:

  • Learn the communication principles that will alter the way you market and sell.
  • Have a new way of communicating that will inspire confidence and trust as you discover your own uniqueness.
  • Begin the journey to discovering how your prospects and customers see your business through their point-of-view.




When you are done with this webinar you will understand what it means to have clarity in your business and why it’s the foundation that makes focusing on strategies easier and clearer.


In this free webinar you won’t get any fluff! Just data, facts and solutions to help your business!


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About Don Purdum

Don Purdum is the Owner and Founder of Unveil the Web. He was trained in the mid-1990’s in sales by the New England Life and Investment Company where at 24 years old he made nearly $90,000 in his first year alone. In addition, has worked as a non-profit fundraiser raising millions of dollars and he has been an entrepreneur since 2004 where he owned a web design, web development and internet marketing firm. He is a sought after strategic marketing coach and consultant, blogger, author and speaker.

Don Purdum

What are They Saying About the Webinar?

"To be recognized as a leader in your field, and as the go-to company in your product arena, your marketing message must reach not only the ears, but the hearts and problems of your target audience. 21st Century marketing is different than the marketing of the past 100 years. Every day people are bombarded with digital and media messaging, create a din of voices that are easily ignored. Don Purdum clearly outlines how you and your message can stand out, be noticed, recognized and responded to.  Don asks the questions that every business owner must now answer to move beyond mass marketing mantra of old and play in the new game of contextual marketing."

Deborah Tutnauer Transformational Success Coach Website

"I did, however, get to attend Don's webinar and wanted to share my experience with that...if anyone hasn't yet done so, I'd HIGHLY recommend checking it out! Just from attending his webinar and putting his technique in place, we increased our opt-ins on our first blog post afterwards by 5 times! Seriously amazing results from one key takeaway of his presentation! I just want to thank Don for that and let everyone know that they should hear what he has to say."

Andrea Hewett Holt Marketing

"Don is an incredible resource that helps entrepreneurs, business executives, and companies, clearly define what business they're in, what tangible values they provide to their customers, what problems they specifically solve for their customers, who their actual target markets are, and how their products or services are part of an overall solution for their customers. There are few people that you meet in the world that will listen to you, inspire you, and provide direction to you, as good as Don will."

Brandon Schaefer CEO MyVirtualSalesForce.com

"This was a very informative webinar by Don Purdum. He knows his stuff and I gleaned many tips to improve on my website message and create improved clarity for my visitors and readers. Thanks, Don for an hour very well spent."

Lisa Thomson Author / Writer

"What you teach is priceless Don and if anyone is eager to start their business online then they definitely need to be clear on what it is they do and how to talk to their audience. Laying that foundation is crucial and there is no better time to start than now."

Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith

"I found your webinar great. Amazing information. I like the points that you brought up regarding not knowing your message. Eye opening stats and also amazing opportunities for those who get the clarity right.

Your clarity + focus = execution (formula) was one of the aha moments for me.

I also appreciate you taking the time to answering my questions and offer more insight at the end of your presentation.

Two thumbs up."

Angelo St Claire Limon Entrepreneur

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